3 Days, 3 Dates, 3 Dudes. Or as I like to say, efficient.

Admittedly, I’m somewhat of an online dating whore. I don’t do this on purpose. I mean, I haven’t even been doing this for that long (October, guys). The first couple of weeks everyone was interested in me, and rightfully so, dammit! I’m considered awesome in the world of online dating, and by that I mean I’m not fat, divorced with a kid, a chain smoker who works at a gas station, or need to be committed to a mental hospital because I’m super cray cray. Guys should be flocking to me, just sayin’. But lately, I’ve hit a bit of a dry spell — the only messages I’ve been getting as of late are from 25-year-old men who probably flunked the 9th grade and flaunt their tractor-driving skills on their profile. (Guess where I live. Just do it.)

Whenever I find myself in an online dating dry spell, I tend to message quite a few more people than I normally would, just to raise my odds of actually meeting someone normal. And that’s how I got around to scheduling 3 dates with 3 different guys—all in one weekend.

Guy #1 or J, as we’ll call him, was one of those guys I had been talking to intermittently for a few weeks. Since our messages weren’t really going anywhere, I decided to get to know him over drinks. It went all right—he’s a nice, decent guy—but he honestly talked so fast I can’t remember half of what he said. Not really blog worthy, although I did get free tapas and beer out of it. (Note: I did offer to pay for my half, because I ordered tapas and he didn’t, but he paid for it anyway. And then he made a comment that he was doing it because he was a REALLY NICE GUY.)

Guy #2 or D, as we’ll call him, is the first person on the ever-so-horrible Plenty of Fish site that actually appears to have legitimate potential. He messaged me something other than “hay how r u sexy” and wanted to know if I would like to get coffee and have a conversation. Points, sir. Major points. Actually, we’re getting drinks tomorrow after work but when deciding where to go, his vote was “a low-key place that’s quiet, where we could talk.” Definitely giving this one a chance.

Guy #3 or C, as we’ll call him, doesn’t live in the same city as I do. He actually lives an hour and a half away, or as my parents like to say—he’s geographically undesirable. Normally, I wouldn’t give him a second glance, but he’s an 8th grade science teacher that plays the cello and does triathlons. He told me a coffee date was too low-key, so we’re going out for pizza and then to a hockey game on Saturday night. He wants to sleep over, but think I put the kibosh on that earlier today. He asked to add me on Facebook, and it turns out that we have two mutual friends in common. One of them is a girl I went to high school with, and the other is a guy that I went on a few dates with just a couple of weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, this could get interesting.

2 thoughts on “3 Days, 3 Dates, 3 Dudes. Or as I like to say, efficient.

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