Things You Really Shouldn’t Say to the Person You Just Started Dating


  • “I wish I would have met you a week ago… before I signed up for…”
  • (One week later) “So… I deleted my account.”
  • “You should really just date my friend… I mean, he is single. And he works downtown.”
  • “Do you ever have any Michael Jackson fantasies? (Said during a make-out sesh while wearing Michael Jackson’s jacket from the Thriller music video — yes, that happened)
  • “I can’t tell if you’re crazy or really awesome.”
  • “I know I’ve only hung out with you twice, but you know more about me than most people find out in a year.”
  • (First date) “Want to come camping with me and my friends in 3 weeks?”
  • (Second date) “I think I’m falling in love with you.” — from dollm

This post is reader-friendly! What kinds of ridiculous things have you heard come out of your new lover’s mouth? I’ll add them to the list and link back to your blog.