My Week in Bullet Points: January 13, 2012


My life motto.

So, pretty much every time I sit down to blog I’m like, wow. Nothing interesting has happened to me lately. I need to do more interesting things. I think if more interesting things happened, I’d blog more. It’s a vicious cycle, really. Anyway, the lack of posts this week can actually be attributed to a slight cold that I’ve had that just makes me want to sleep all the time. Literally, the past few days have gone like this: I come home from work and take two hour naps, from which I wake up completely disoriented and then after putzing around for another two hours, I return to bed. It’s just been one of those weeks. But today, I took Sudafed, and now I feel like I can do anything! (Seriously.) Everything in my brain is going a hundred miles a minute and my phalanges are tingly, like I have to type a really awesome blog post and I have to do it right this second.

But then, I arrive back at the problem re: I don’t do anything interesting ever. So now we’re here. My week, in bullet points:

  • I got a French manicure from a racist Vietnamese man. This one is definitely odd. I was getting my nails done by this Vietnamese guy (side note: getting my nails done by a guy always makes me slightly uncomfortable for some reason) who just sat there conversing in Vietnamese to the guy behind him the whole time. At some point, they briefly switched to English and the conversation went something like this. Guy #1: You know why they call it French manicure, hahaha? Guy #2: Ah, the white tips, all white! Guy #1: Yeah, what do you call nails with black tips? Guy #2: African manicure! Guy #1: Yes, yes, and Vietnamese manicure one with yellow tips. And Indian manicure! Red tips! (And here’s me, just sitting there quite uncomfortably and trying to decide whether to look horrified or just plain confused.)
  • After finishing the Hunger Games, I don’t know what to read. Quick solution to that problem: I tweeted on Monday asking if there would be any interest in starting a twenty-something book club, and I’m now in the process of coordinating our first meeting (more than 10 people are interested! This sort of reminds me of how I was really Internet popular when I started a Facebook group for my incoming college freshman class at school and everyone knew my name and/or face before I even got there.)
  • I tested my dependence on caffeine, and ultimately failed. Miserably. Like, I usually come into work armed with a large latte or just straight coffee (for the days that I really can’t wake up) but on Tuesday, in a feeble attempt to fight off the cold I felt coming on, I settled on tea. Then, I discovered I had some caffeine free tea in my kitchen (courtesy of my former roommate) and I proceeded to drink 3 mugs each on Wednesday and Thursday. Whenever I realize that I’ve gone without caffeine for a day or two, I always think: well, hey! I can do that for a few more days and ultimately wean myself off of it. And I try, but I always fail. I ordered a latte this morning. So much for that, right? Maybe next time.

My Week in Bullet Points: December 29, 2011


Whenever I find that a f*ckton of random thoughts are running around my brain with reckless abandon (which is actually just as often as you might think), I want to write them down. The problem is that up until now I’ve tried to be consistent with the idea that each blog post I write must be centered around a theme (I’d rather not reveal the ridiculously high number of draft posts in my queue at the moment, born from sudden bursts of inspiration and now waiting to die a slow and painful death when the inspiration refuses to return days later.)

So, here we are. A post filled with random things that have happened to me recently, just because. This guy’s got a part 1, because I’m sure there will be more where he came from.

  • I had drinks with this one guy and gave him my number when he asked for it — but didn’t take his. Geez, what a relief. I mean, it went well — he seems like a cool guy — but pressure is totally not on me to arrange another rendezvous. Is rendezvous the word I’m looking for? I don’t think so, but it sounds cool. Cooler than “date,” anyway. Silly French words that are awesome but don’t relate to what I want to say.
  • I bought myself an iPad for Christmas, but surely not before giving my ex-boyfriend the impression that I was stalking him at his workplace (Best Buy: yes, I date winners) because I was in the store — hovering around and looking like a lost idiot — three times in a three-day period before I purchased it.
  • Some nerdy looking guy sent me a message on OkCupid that read “sorry to be direct, but do you want to hook up?” I wish there was some way that he could see me laughing hard in his face while at the same time shaking my head no and asking if that line usually works for him.
  • I discovered that a field mouse has taken up residence in the back corner of the bathroom area in my charming studio apartment. Thankfully, I have a cat. Not so thankfully, he’s quite senile — although I heard him chasing something around this morning instead of running across my face at the ungodly hour of 6:30am, meowing in my ear and demanding to be fed.
  • I started reading the Hunger Games trilogy and am not ashamed to admit that I’m hopelessly addicted to it, just like everyone else who’s read it. I mean, it beat out the final installment of the Twilight movie (the one where Bella’s a vampire and stuff, finally, which will hopefully make her less awkward and maybe the best bad movie in the bunch?) as the most anticipated movie of 2012. Not that should immediately convince you to pick up the book, but people like it better than Twilight. That should count for something, right?
  • My 93-year-old third cousin beat me at Wii bowling during family Christmas, something that I’m sure my family will never let me live down. Because my mom and dad beat me, too. Perhaps Wii bowling just isn’t my thing.

Posts you can hopefully look forward to in the near future (this is entirely dependent on how much of a Hunger Games marathon I’m involved in for the next few days):

  • A serious list of New Year’s resolutions (plus a not-so-serious list, because serious things aren’t funny)
  • My expectations for my first New Year’s Eve as an official(ly awesome) twenty-something and the reality of the whole ordeal, modeled after a post like this.
  • What I’d like to do with my life before the assumed Mayan apocalypse (but seriously, what do they know about the end of the world anyway? Why are we trusting a dead civilization?)