Why I Prefer Nerdy Men

Whenever one of my best friends and I discuss our dating lives, we laugh about how we have the complete opposite taste in men. Her dates with her boyfriend involve fixing his car, going for rides on his tractor, and learning how to shoot his gun; I tend to go for guys who wear cardigans and sweaters, love coffee, and geek out over the latest tech. She dates guys who like to hunt, fish, and get dirty; I date boys that like cats, foreign films, and cuddling. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Last week, she wrote a guest post about why she wants a manly man (which was really quite amusing, actually, since a bunch of people initially thought I wrote it) so here is my response to that (which was in the works since I told her to write hers). Continue reading

Why I Want a Manly Man (Guest Post)

This guest post was written by one of my dear friends. You might recognize her as “Jess #2,” J-Person. You love me,” or Anonymous J-Person. You know who I am” in a few of the comments. And without further ado, why she wants a manly man.

Stains. Stains are so… sexy. Grass stains, pit stains, sock stains — anything but tooth stains, ew — are incredibly attractive on a man. Stains mean a man works hard, plays hard, and isn’t afraid of dirt. If a man is willing to get dirty on the job, he’ll be willing to get dirty and work hard elsewhere, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. Let’s face it, girls, that little non-meat-eating hipster emo boy isn’t going to be eating your meat anytime soon. It’s unsanitary.

Since I just made an awesome Tarzan reference, I’m going to make another one. Remember when Tarzan suddenly got all grown up while jumping among the crocodiles and shit in the piranha-infested waters? That, my friends, is when Tarzan became a man. Why’s that? Because he was playing with crocodiles and risking his damn life. I’m not saying that I’m looking for a Steve Irwin type to be my better half, but if my man is afraid of killing a spider… we’re going to have some problems. (Mostly because our house would be overrun with spiders and other creepy crawly things, but that’s something entirely different.)

Men need to act like men. It’s okay for manly men to think with their head sometimes, and I’m not talking about the one with their brain. Continue reading