Why I Prefer Nerdy Men

Whenever one of my best friends and I discuss our dating lives, we laugh about how we have the complete opposite taste in men. Her dates with her boyfriend involve fixing his car, going for rides on his tractor, and learning how to shoot his gun; I tend to go for guys who wear cardigans and sweaters, love coffee, and geek out over the latest tech. She dates guys who like to hunt, fish, and get dirty; I date boys that like cats, foreign films, and cuddling. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Last week, she wrote a guest post about why she wants a manly man (which was really quite amusing, actually, since a bunch of people initially thought I wrote it) so here is my response to that (which was in the works since I told her to write hers). Continue reading

The Different Types of Online Daters, Part 2


Mr. Perfect For Me But Geographically Undesirable

Recently, I changed my settings to say that I’m looking for people anywhere, just to poke my head outside of the “I’m only looking for people near me so I can actually potentially date them” bubble and was astonished to find that I am a 90% match (or higher) more than five people. The problem? They’re on the opposite end of the country. Literally. Everything about them is perfect, except for where they’re currently taking up residence. So of course, they’re not going to bother giving you the time of day, because they’re only looking for their soulmate within a 25 mile radius. Continue reading